Man and Dinosaurs

The Bible is quite clear that man walked along the dinosaurs, but unfortunately science keeps persisting they lived 65 million years ago. Mainly so they can sustain their "godless" world. Science is simply unable to understand the supernatural aspects of God, e.g. Creation and the Flood.

Thankfully every now and then evidence is found that dinosaurs did live with man - putting the evolution theory to shame.

- By Connie Ma / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

In 2005, a group of scientists examined a T-Rex thigh bone. The thigh bone contained soft tissue, and blood cells.

Soft tissue and blood cells don't live to be 65 million years old. This dinosaur lived recently!!

Dinosaurs, or dragons as they were called, play a large part in the history of man. There are many accurate accounts (Bible, Marco Polo, Beowulf, Saint George and the Dragaon, etc), figurines, and drawings that prove they were common. These artifacts are found worldwide and many years ago. Remember that the only way to make an accurate drawing of a dinosaur is either by fossils and computer, or from first hand experience.

Some remote isolated tribes have recognized pictures of a dinosaur which they call mokele-mbembe.

Or what about the living fossils such as the coelacanths. How come they survived 65 million years?

The book of Job also speaks of a behemoth (a tail like a cedar, etc).

- By Nobu Tamura / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5

Check out these YouTube videos for further evidence:

Man and dinosaurs lived together - no doubt!!